Livemedia is a global web channel specialising in video journalism and livestreaming of live conferences and events based on high tech online proprietary platforms and applications.
Livemedia’s customers around the world (USA, Europe, Middle East, SA) are Professional Bodies, Associations and Societies, Blue-chip Corporations and Educational Institutions. 

The company can reliably rely on the many years of operational experience, strong and innovative technology backbone and journalistic flair delivered by a very dynamic and professional team. 

Livemedia specialises in Video Journalism and the Virtual Presence and Participation of live events via the livestreaming and on-demand, production, encoding and distribution of video and photography through the internet. 

Our Team

Stathis Parcharidis

CEO of Inventics S.A.

George Spatharakis

Chief Operating Officer

Irene Syraki

Chief Editor

Giorgos Kyriakidis

Livemedia Partner

Dimitris Tzekos

Livemedia Crew

Pantelis Tzerzevelis


Hionia Vlahou Bliatka


George Fotelis


Mike Mitakidis


Thodoris Amvrosiadis


Yannis Haniotakis

Journalist - Crew

Vasilis Karahoutis


Tessa Mavrou


Aris Katsikaridis

Senior Software Engineer

Savvas Panagiotidis

Systems Administrator

Ria Xanthopoulou

Head of Accounting